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Providing Calabasas Aquatic Pond Service, Pond Installation & Maintenance

Calabasas Water Garden & Koi Pond Services

Serene water features can add a dramatic effect to any area by incorporating style and beauty with the elements of nature. While a well-designed pond can transform a space koi fish can significantly add to the effect with their tranquil, serene and beautiful movements and colors, bringing a new dimension to your water landscape. We know all about ponds and Aquatic Garden's professional team has been providing an array of Calabasas Pond Services with outstanding customer service for more than two decades. Our customers come to Aquatic Gardens because of our years of experience in Water Garden and Fish Pond Installation, Pond Maintenance, and Japanese Koi Fish Services. We can help take your water garden and koi fish ponds from conception to completion and continue to provide you with our amazing service by maintaining your pond's health and beauty to make sure your investment can be enjoyed for years to come.

Calabasas Koi Pond Installation

From simple pond filtration systems to complete Pond Designs and Pond Construction, our staff at Aquatic Gardens specializes in Calabasas Pond Installations. We have the knowledge of the latest and greatest innovative pond supply equipment to provide you with expert advice that will allow us to complete your koi pond project to your satisfaction.

Calabasas Pond Installation
Calabasas Koi Pond Maintenance

Calabasas Pond Maintenance is essential for keeping your Koi Pond beautiful and healthy. Aquatic Gardens can help you with your pond maintenance in several important ways including your filtration system, monthly water changes and detailed cleanings. Aquatic Gardens USA not only provides pond cleaning services, but also specializes in pond resurfacing, landscape trimming, chemical treatment of pond water with beneficial bacteria, as well as our 24 hour emergency service. Learn more

Calabasas Pond Maintenance
Calabasas Koi Pond Fish Services

Aquatic Gardens' technicians are well trained in maintaining a healthy environment for your fish and identifying various problems that may plaque your pond and fish such as diseases, parasites and algae. It is very important to service your pond and diagnose and treat your fish before it becomes an unmanageable problem. In addition to Aquatic Gardens' Calabasas Koi Pond Fish Services we can also assist you in relocating your koi fish and/or pond, we service both residential and commercial clients and are always professional.

Calabasas Pond Fish Services