West Hollywood Koi Pond Maintenance

Providing West Hollywood Koi Pond Maintenance, Garden Pond Maintenance & Pond Cleaning

Keep your Koi fish ponds and water garden ponds cleaner and healthier with Aquatic Gardens pond maintenance solutions. Our technicians are committed to providing you with the very best care in pond maintenance and pond repair services. This includes scheduled West Hollywood pond maintenance plans, intense West Hollywood pond cleaning solutions, West Hollywood pond resurfacing and liner replacements, complete water changes and our popular West Hollywood 24 hour emergency pond service option.

West Hollywood Pond Maintenance Plans

Water Gardens generally feature both a variety of live aquatic plants and fish, typically goldfish. These water features can make a wonderful addition to your home or backyard and can also increase your property value when correctly implemented, we specialize in West Hollywood Garden Pond Installation and can help you create your very own tranquil retreat.

West Hollywood Pond Maintenance Plan

West Hollywood Koi Pond Cleaning

Aquatic Gardens offers pond cleaning services that can include a complete water change, an intense algae scrub, pressure washing (if needed), and extensive trimming and landscaping of all pond vegetation. For the best cleaning we give an individualized chemical treatment of pond water with beneficial bacteria, water clarifier, plant fertilizer, and pond water conditioners.

West Hollywood Garden Pond Maintenance Cleaning
West Hollywood Pond Resurfacing

Do you have a West Hollywood fish or West Hollywood garden pond with an existing pond liner or want to build a new pond with a pond liner? Our aquatic pond technicians can replace/install the correct sized liner that will allow you to enjoy your pond for many more years to come.

West Hollywood Pond Resurfacing
West Hollywood 24 Hour Emergency Pond Services

For your convenience, Aquatic Gardens offers West Hollywood 24/7 emergency pond service to attend to all of your needs. From balancing your pond waters pH levels to fixing an emergency water leak or pump replacement, we have solutions to all of your koi pond emergencies.

West Hollywood Pond Emergency Services